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Job Description

My work is involved with the latest automotive technology Japan boasts to the world

I develop an in-vehicle platform as a system engineer. I have been interested in how the software works in automobiles.
I’m able to know more deeply about it by working. I studied system development in my home country, Senegal, and at a Japanese university. I believe I’m now able to utilize these experiences.
After starting my work in Japan, I felt that the most difficult thing was creating daily reports to be submitted to my boss. It was quite challenging, as I couldn’t get used to create reports thinking about the situation and the solution on my own, especially when a problem occurred.
At first, I would create it by having my boss and colleagues teaching me as I didn’t know the solution. I’m now able to handle it on my own.
In my work, I try to fulfill the role that has been assigned to me within the time frame. I would like to happily deal with things if there’s anything I can help with English. Although I’m the only non-Japanese citizen in the team I belong to, my colleagues are all very kind and care for me so I can blend in with the company. I feel my daily life is fulfilling, although my work is busy.


Why I work in Kobe

I came to Kobe being fascinated by the working culture of Japan

I came to Japan to study abroad in 2017 after receiving a scholarship. I spent the first week or two in Tokyo after arriving in Japan.
I then came to Kobe. I’ve lived in Kobe ever since. I began to be interested in Japan about three years ago. I went to university for two years in Japan and studied system development.
"Diligent" is the image the people of my home country, the Senegalese, have of the Japanese. I decided to study abroad, thinking that I would be able to deeply learn the ways of working of the diligent Japanese people, technology, and the knowledge related to the field I studied in Senegal.
I wasn’t thinking about working in Japan when I first came to Japan. However, when I participated in a job fair for international students held by Kobe City and visited my company’s booth, I found the employee's corporate introduction very attractive. I thought to myself, “I want to work at this company and challenge myself.” I’ve been working at my company from January 2020.
The good impression I received at the job fair hasn’t changed even after joining the company. I’m grateful that I can work for a good company.


Life in Kobe

It’s comfortable to live in because it’s an urban city without being excessively urban

I like that Kobe is different from the other famous big cities in Japan. Although Kobe is certainly a very convenient city to live in, the trains are hardly ever overcrowded like other big cities.
The commodity price is also not as high compared to big cities, although you can get everything you need in your neighborhood. I spend weekends playing basketball or cooking dishes. I also take pictures of beautiful sceneries, including the city of Kobe, buildings, mountains, and rivers. Although I’m currently not part of a basketball team as I’m content with my work and busy, I’d like to join a team someday and play basketball.
I cook Senegalese and Indian food at home. I don’t feel that it’s inconvenient, as I can get the ingredients I need at the local supermarket. My life here in Kobe is very comfortable since I like people in Kansai.
There was a time when a Japanese person I got to know in Kansai invited me to his house where I enjoyed a lot of delicious food. That has become a great memory. Although I've lived in Kanto, I believe living in Kobe suits me better.



Having a big heart is one of the things you need to work in a foreign country

If you’re going to work in Kobe, I recommend you go outside and get to know Kobe's many good aspects.
You may feel anxious or worried about living and working in a foreign country. You might also be surprised by things. However, that’s normal, which everyone will experience or feel. Try to have a big heart and accept things even if you experience something that's different from what you’ve experienced, studied, or imagined.
It’s important to have a patient spirit. I also have seen and experienced all kinds of different things from my home country, Senegal. However, I try to accept it with a big heart instead of having negative feelings. Kobe has many fun things and delicious food that doesn't exist in my country.
For example, when I was invited for a meal at someone’s home, I was served “oden,” “katsudon,” and “osekihan.” It was really delicious, although it was something I've never seen in Senegal.
I recommend you to go out a lot to learn about the city and the people of Kobe. Then, you’ll be able to learn the good aspects of Kobe as soon as possible and enjoy your life.


From the company

Hiring foreign talent offers the benefits of broadening our imagination

We mainly hire development engineers as we’re a software manufacturer. However, the hurdles for hiring talented young people are increasing yearly. This is why we turned our attention to hiring excellent talent from overseas. Hiring foreign talent leads to giving birth to diversity and new ideas and offers benefits of broadening our imagination.
Before accepting foreign talent, the department they’ll be assigned was worried whether they could communicate well. However, we could feel a welcoming atmosphere once we accepted foreign talent. Both parties are making efforts to have a good relationship, such as Japanese employees taking the initiative to invite the person for a lunch meeting. The main clients of our company are automotive manufacturers.
We currently have projects with automotive manufacturers overseas. The foreign talent in our company are using their skills as English is needed when making specification forms and meetings.
I myself was born and raised in Kobe. Kobe has a multinational environment compared to other prefectures. Many non-Japanese citizens apply with the desire to work in Kobe. I’d like to prepare an environment for them to work in Kobe to meet that desire as much as possible.
(Chief Staff General Affairs And Human resources sec. Operation unit Aya Ishii)
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