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Job Description

I want to utilize my experience at the new employee training program, “Suitou University" in my workplace

I’ve been working at the office of a company called Suitousha in Kobe since this spring, which manufactures pipes for construction machinery. Although it hasn’t been long since I joined the company, the senior employees have been kindly teaching me about work, which has helped me a lot.
Immediately after joining the company, new employees participate in an in-house training program, "Suitou University," for half a year. In this training, not only will you learn the contents of clerical work, but you will also receive training at the actual manufacturing site. At first, I wondered why I had to be trained in the fieldwork even though I was hired as a comprehensive worker. However, it became an excellent experience for me.
Through the training, I was able to get to know the people who work in the field, and I understood what everyone was doing. I realized that it’s vital for me, who is taking on a comprehensive work, to know the overview of how the company works. Now that the training for half a year is over, I’d like to utilize what I learned without forgetting my initial resolution in my future work.


Why I work in Kobe

I became captivated by Japan while supporting my younger brother, who wanted to go to Japan

I used to live in Sumatra Island in Indonesia. I became interested in Japan by watching Japanese anime when I was seven or eight years old. But it wasn't to the point of wishing to study Japanese or live in Japan. When I was in high school, my friends were into Japanese idol songs and dances, and I started to learn it with them. From that time on, I started to study Japanese slowly.
Not long after, my youngest brother said that he wanted to live in Japan, so I started collecting information about Japan for him. While doing so, I also became interested to live in Japan, and eventually decided to come to Japan while waiting for my brother to come after finishing his study in Taiwan.
On October 2018, I enrolled in a Japanese language vocational school in Osaka and studied while working part-time. Last year, I learned about Suitousha at a job fair for international students held by Kobe City and felt. That it was a very nice company, so I applied and was hired.


Life in Kobe

You can enjoy relaxing on your days off to your heart's content because Kobe is a beautiful and quiet city

I feel that Kobe is a very quiet city compared to Indonesia, where I grew up. Everyday life in Indonesia is characterized by heavy traffic jam, the sound of horns, and a lively atmosphere where many people come and go. However, I feel that the flow of cars in Kobe is smooth, there is little traffic, and the air is clean. I also fell a lot of nature here. The abundant nature allows you to live comfortably. It feels like time passes slowly, so I can live a calm life and feel comfortable. I think that there are many fashionable women because the fashion of people walking in the city is gleaming.
Although people usually of me as an outdoor person, I really like spending time at home. On my days off, I spend my days at home watching anime and movies while eating snacks. I like watching dramas and animations from different countries, such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, in their local language.
I like Kobe very much because it’s a quiet city that allows me to relax and enjoy my own time at home without being disturbed by anyone.



There’s no need to overly worry about coming to Japan

Japan is one of the most popular countries in the world, so you can find a lot of information about what kind of country it is on the internet. Japan is also a popular country in Indonesia, so you can learn about Japan in various places.
There might be some negative information that gives Japan a slightly negative image. However, that’s often not true. Even if it's true, it’s often a small part of Japan as a whole. Those things can happen in any country. If you have access to only a limited amount of small information, and you have a negative image of Japan, I’d like to tell you, “There's no need to be afraid.”
When I came to Japan, I found it was an ideal, clean, and safe place where you could live without any worries. There are especially many non-Japanese citizens in Kobe. Your loneliness will be gone soon because you’ll make friends quickly.
I’d like the non-Japanese people who want to work in Kobe to come to Japan with peace of mind.


From the company

Kobe is a place where non-Japanese citizens can live and work as non-Japanese citizens

Due to hiring difficulty that started about a decade ago, it wasn’t easy to secure excellent human resources. Thus, we started to secure foreign talent.
we also have a belief that "the epitome of the world should exist within the company." The world is made up of diverse people, including nationalities and ideas. While many Japanese company doesn't have such diversity, we are hiring foreign talent with an emphasis on diversity with the desire to create a company that doesn’t present such obscurities.
By hiring foreign talents, various people will be at the company. It has become the catalyst for new values, ideas, and flexibility. It also increases the competitiveness within the company, which positively affects the company's growth.
We have many foreign talents at our company who works here while making the most of their individuality. As Kobe is a region with many non-Japanese citizens, it’s unnecessary to worry about being a non-Japanese citizen. I’d like excellent foreign talents to come.
(General manager General Affairs Office Atsushi Itou)