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Job Description

The work of conveying the tradition of sake to the world is full of new discoveries every day

My job is introducing sake to people overseas. Specifically, it includes customer services, such as sales and tasting, and tours of the sake brewery.
I also conduct public relations activities on SNS as I’m in charge of digital marketing. Many non-Japanese customers are interested in sake but have no knowledge or are not used to it. It’s a lot of fun to introduce the tradition of sake brewing to such customers.
Although the world of sake is deep and can often be difficult, every time I finish my work, I always feel, “I’m so glad I’m doing this work.” It’s my greatest pleasure to have customers say that they like sake. That is why during the sake brewery tour, I study a lot in advance so that I can answer any kind of questions.
In my work, I respect our customers and try to respond politely with a smile.
Working with colleagues at work has made me more aware of its importance. Through this work, I have gained a valuable experience that I couldn’t have experienced in my home country, Italy.


Why I work in Kobe

I started living and working in Kobe after a short-term exchange program at Kobe University

I've been interested in Japanese anime since I was a child. I often watched famous Japanese anime for boys. I started to want to understand Japanese without subtitles, so I studied Japanese at an Italian university. When I was in the third year, I participated in a five-month exchange program at Kobe University.
I wanted to return to Kobe and improve my Japanese even after returning to Italy. I enrolled in a Japanese language school in Kobe. Although I had a hard time finding a job in Japan, I was able to find this company with the help of my school teachers.
I thought about the possibility of finding a job outside of Japan, but I chose Japan because the people are kind and it’s a comfortable place to live. The food is also very delicious. When I was studying abroad for a short period of time, I ate Kobe beef, thinking this is the only time in my life I’ll eat it. However, it’s now quite common for me to eat it. I've wanted to live in Kobe someday since I first studied abroad, and I'm very happy to live out that reality now.


Life in Kobe

For me, Kobe is the best town to live in. My dream is to live here forever

I think Kobe is the perfect place to live in. I've been thinking about this since I first came to Japan to study abroad. It's more compact and comfortable than other cities. I think that may be because I grew up in the Italian countryside. It’s also convenient, and it’s easy to go to Kyushu and Shikoku, as well as Osaka and Kyoto. You can reach Tokyo in three hours.
Although big cities are also attractive, I still choose to live in Kobe. On my days off, I spend my days relaxing, drinking tea, and taking a walk with my friends. There are many wonderful sightseeing locations in Kobe. It’s perfect for those who want to have clear boundaries between their work and private life and enjoy both times.
There are also many people who are kind in Kobe. They are very kind to non-Japanese citizens who speak Japanese like me. I've seen the kindheartedness of many people since I came to live in Kobe. I want many non-Japanese citizens to know the good qualities of Kobe.



I want many non-Japanese citizens to experience life in Kobe. There are also many job opportunities

When I was attending a university in Italy, I had many friends interested in living in Japan but chose to work in other countries, such as European countries. I think there are many non-Japanese citizens who are worried about living in Japan. The language especially seems to make them anxious. Although there are many attractive cities in Japan, I feel that Kobe is a very comfortable city for non-Japanese citizens to live in. I was able to work hard until now because of the many people in Kobe who have supported me.
I’m engaged in work introducing sake to people all over the world. Although I now feel it’s fulfilling and am proud of my work that allows me to meet people from all over the world, there were many things I didn’t know about when I was job hunting in Japan.
It was that time that my Japanese language school teacher kindly consulted me and assisted me in my job hunting. This connected me and Kobe and helped me move forward. There are many companies in Kobe. I believe that there are many opportunities for non-Japanese citizens to work. I would like many non-Japanese citizens to experience life in Kobe.


From the company

It’s a workplace that treasures the personalities of individuals where you can learn from each other with Japanese employees

We have two non-Japanese employees. They truly love to learn and are a great stimulus for Japanese employees. As they actively try to ask questions when they don't know something, you end up studying feeling the responsibility, because you as a teacher shouldn’t make a mistake.
I feel that Japanese employees also learn a lot from the perspective of cross-cultural communication. As the number of customers from overseas increases in the future, the need for non-Japanese employees is also increasing. I would like them to continue to play an active role as a core employee of our company, such as digital marketing and planning new products.
There is no doubt that foreign talent recruitment will become a pillar of our recruitment plan for us. Finally, Kobe, an international city, has many opportunities for non-Japanese to play an active role. It’s highly attractive as a tourist destination, has an interesting culture and history, and has great gourmet food.
There are many things you can learn from this city, such as recovery from the earthquake. I would like many non-Japanese citizens to come to Kobe, a city where you can truly enjoy working.
(Director Sales Promotion Department Kazuhiro Sakai)