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Information about food and drink, non-Japanese communities, recreation, and more. Kobe is home to many multinational non-Japanese citizens, enabling international interactions in the city.


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There are four seasons in Japan: Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with different climates. It is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Kobe has many sunny days with little rain and a mild climate throughout the year, surrounded by mountains and sea. Snow usually does not accumulate in the winter.

Climate of Kobe City January April July October
temperature (℃)
9.0 18.7 30.0 22.7
temperature (℃)
2.7 11.3 24.4 16.1
37.8 101.6 152.1 98.3
Japan Meteorological Agency(Weather of Southern part of Hyogo Prefecture)

Kobe is a city with many non-Japanese citizens. There is extensive support for non-Japanese citizens for this reason, such as medical consultation offices, which are available in multiple languages. You can live in Kobe with peace of mind.

KOBE Living Guide Medical and health
counseling, Medical consultation

English-speaking hospital for foreigners in Kobe(link to Maeda Real Estate Website)

Generally, people find housing in Japan by telling a real estate company your preferences. You can also search property you would like in advance using property information websites. However, we recommend first consulting your company regarding rental contracts, as the system is unique to Japan. You may be able to live at a dormitory or company housing depending on the company.

Items required to sign a contract

Security deposit Money to deposit to the landlord when renting a room. (Rent worth 1 - 2 months) As a general principle, it will be returned when you move out. However, the money needed to clean the dirtiness and scratches of the room may be deducted from the deposit.
Key money Money paid to show your gratitude to the landlord who rents out the room. There is no refund. (Rent worth 1 - 2 months)
Real estate
Commission paid to the real estate company. (Rent worth 1 month)
Insurance that will prepare you for problems such as fire and water leaks.
Guarantor A guarantor is generally required to sign a contract. Try consulting your company. If you cannot find a guarantor, some real estate companies offer guarantee company services. *There will be an examination when using the services of a guarantee company.

*Security deposit, key money, and real estate commission vary depending on the real estate company.

Different types of housing

Shared housing

A house where multiple people live in a single rented housing. In addition to private rooms, there are shared spaces, such as a lounge, kitchen, shower, and toilet, where residents can interact with each other. Many foreigners living alone in Japan for the first time often use shared housing because of the many furnished properties and the low initial cost. It allows residents to meet and interact with many people while living with people of various nationalities, age groups, and occupations.


Single person type housing (1K/1DK)


A floor plan with one kitchen and one room


A floor plan with a kitchen, dining room (a room where you have a meal), and another room.


Family type housing (2LDK-)


A floor plan with multiple rooms in addition to a living room / dining room / kitchen


Luxury serviced apartment

A large-sized house furnished with daily necessities, such as furniture and home appliances. An English-speaking concierge is stationed in most cases.

Maeda Real Estate (external link)

Mobile Phone

You should check how to sign a contract with a company because the contract method differs depending on companies. Some companies accept inquiries in foreign languages.

Basic documents required

  • Identity verification documents (residence card, passport, etc.)
  • Cash card or bankbook or credit card
  • Hanko (personal seal)

* There are differences depending on the company.


You can use internet at cafés, commercial facitities and public facitities where free Wifi is provides. In order to use the internet at home, you have to sign a contact with an Internet carrier and an internet provider.





A bank account is usually required for payroll transfers in Japan. In order to open a bank account, you will need a personal identification document (such as a residence card) and your hanko (personal seal). Please note that your company may designate a financial institution to transfer your salary.

There are many international schools, as many non-Japanese citizens live in Kobe for an extended period. There is also a school with over 100 years of history. Kobe is a city where children can receive international education.

KOBE Living Guide International school list

There are various religious facilities in Kobe, including Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Jainism. You can continue to protect your valued faith even while living in Kobe.

KOBE Living Guide
Various Religious Facilities

About 140 foreign nationalities live in Kobe. There are many non-Japanese communities, as many non-Japanese citizens from various countries live here. You can enjoy international interactions in Kobe.

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Many non-Japanese citizens live in Kobe. This is why you can enjoy various international cuisine. You can, of course, also enjoy Kobe's specialties, such as Kobe beef and sake.

Feel KOBE Gourmet

There are all kinds of shopping areas in Kobe, from large shopping malls to local shopping streets. There are also many stores where you can purchase foreign food and ingredients due to the long history of foreign residents in Kobe.

Kobe Official Tourism Website Feel KOBE "Shopping"

Sannomiya, Motomachi, and Harborlandis the center of Kobe, where many tourists and commercial facilities are located. You can enjoy a variety of sightseeing in one city, where there are Nankinmachiwith a China town, Port of Kobe that boasts a beautiful view centered on Kobe Port Tower, Akashi-KaikyoBridge, the longest bridge in the world, Mt. Rokko, where you can enjoy a beautiful night view, and Arima Onsen, Japan's oldest hot spring

Kobe Official Tourism Website Feel KOBE

Mt. Rokko (931m) was developed by a British businessman in the late 19th century. You can comfortably enjoy hiking and climbing. Suma Beach is also a beautiful beach for swimming. You can easily enjoy a wide range of activities at the museums, art museums, parks, sports facilities, and golf courses.

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Various facilities Sports facilities

Kobe City Sports information website(Japanese language only)

Sports Teams

We would like to introduce you to the top sports teams that are active in Kobe. We invite you to become a Kobe citizen and support the local team together.

Kobe City sports information website
Top sports teams in Kobe City(Japanese language only)

*Maeda Real Estate has kindly contributed to producing the production of the medical and housing contents.