TOPLinking policy

LINK POLICYLinking policy

In principle, linking to the top page of the “Work in KOBE website” can be done without restrictions.
We would appreciate it if you contact us at after the linking.

About website banner installations


  • Please be sure to specify that it is a link to the Work in KOBE website (hereinafter referred to as this website) when setting a link.
  • Please do not set the link to display this website within a frame.
  • This website may change or delete the contents and address without prior notice.
  • Links will be refused if the content or operation of the link source website falls under any of the following.
    1. Offensive to public order and morals
    2. Violates or may violate laws and regulations
    3. Slanders a specific individual or group
    4. Causes misunderstandings or gives impressions that the operator guarantees or recommends the content of the linked website.
    5. Other websites that Kobe City deems inappropriate
  • Kobe City does not take any responsibility for any problems or damages caused by the links on this website.