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Job Description

Having my customers say “thank you” to me makes this job worthwhile

I’m currently working in a store to assist customers, including Japanese and non-Japanese customers. As I have been with the company for six months, my current goal is to work independently and being trusted. For example, one of the recent best selling product is a glass pen. I try to have confidence and recommend products that meet the customer’s needs knowing its characteristics after trying it out, such as the combinations of the pen and ink.
This has led to some customers tell me “thank you,” which makes me feel that the customer service job is worthwhile.
In the future, I would like to introduce our appealing stationery to people overseas, especially in the Chinese and English-speaking countries, using the internet and SNS. At some point in my work, I also would like to use art, which I learned as a student.
Many seniors have a lot of hobbies. I also want to work hard, making them my goal.


Why I work in Kobe

I decided to join my company after falling in love with the products at a Kobe City-sponsored international student job fair

I began to be interested in Japan when I was a junior high school student. I’ve always loved history. I began to like the Shinsengumi after reading Ryotaro Shiba’s "Moeyo Ken." I’m from Zhejiang Province in China. I decided to study in Japan because it’s rare to find materials about the Shinsengumi in China.
I learned Japanese on my own in high school, watching anime, and playing games. I then majored in Japanese at a university. I came to Japan as an exchange student and graduated from Kansai Gaidai University . I then entered Nara Women's University to study about the Shinsengumi.
I attended a job briefing for international students in Osaka as I wanted to work in Japan. However, I couldn’t find a company I liked. I discovered the company I now work for at a job fair for international students held by Kobe City. Although many companies were participating in the job fair, I fell in love with the product of our company at first sight, which was exhibited at the venue. I also joined our company because I was attracted to the corporate philosophy of not simply making stationeries but also adding value and stories to it.


Life in Kobe

I’m enjoying my life in this international and fashionable city.

Kobe has historically been an international city. I feel that there are diverse values and flexible ways of thinking because of the people who are here of various nationalities. Compared to the different cities after coming to Japan, Kobe is a fashionable and well-known city where I can relax and enjoy life.
I believe this atmosphere is unique to Kobe. There’s art everywhere here. There are museums, music show posters, and statues all over the city, with many flowers planted. The food is also delicious. I especially like the bread. I often play games at home or play with friends on my day off.
Although there are times I feel lonely as many of my friends have returned to their home country, my Taiwanese senior colleague often takes me out. From now on, I would like to go to non-Japanese citizen exchange meetings, visit museums, and explore the city of Kobe more.



It’s essential to find a company that makes you feel, “I want to work here”

I’d thought that I could communicate well in Japanese because I had studied it at university. However, I realized that it’s slightly different than daily conversation. In particular, it is challenging to say honorifics. I try to learn it by listening to the conversations on the phone and reading my senior colleagues' emails. Although it can be challenging at times, I first want to do my job well.
I also would like to study English, preparing for increasing customers from overseas. There are times l feel lonely living alone in a foreign country since Japan is a foreign country to me. However, it means a lot to me that I could find a company I truly love. I believe it’s essential to find a company that would make you want to work for them if you want to work in Japan. I could find my dream company at a job fair for international students held by Kobe City. I recommend actively participating in job hunting events.


From the company

We welcome you to Kobe City! Companies need foreign talent

Our company plans to advance our overseas business, having our non-Japanese staff be in charge of exports and cross-border EC, as we’ve been selected to receive a subsidy for cross-border EC by Kobe City. There’s a good environment in Kobe City for overseas business now, where the government and the people are working together. I believe it’s an environment that’s easy to work for non-Japanese staff with a good support system.
As the domestic market shrinks, I believe many companies are entrusting their hopes to markets overseas. Our company has hired foreign talent as it is a required human resource for our business expansion plan. We have felt that we’re able to approach the business we aspire for by hiring foreign talent. As the company as a whole became more conscious of overseas markets, the hurdles to overseas operations have decreased significantly.
Kobe's appeal lies in its wide range of values, cultures, and its harmonious balance. I believe living and working in this city will lead to a multicultural and more objective way to think about things.
(Deputy director Product Solutions Department Masahiro Tsukamoto)