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Job Description

We give our best upholding the policy, “Customers’ requests come first”

I have been working at KAKO TECHNOS since September 2015. In the first few years of joining the company, I learned about the mechanism, structure, and the process up to the completion through training, including material welding and processing for making products. I currently work in a product design department. In order to design something, it is necessary to understand the customer's request well and select the parts that can be realized. The arrangement for the procurement is set once the parts to be used are decided. In this entire flow of work, customer and business partner communication and contact is crucial. This is why I strive daily to improve my Japanese. I am studying by reading Japanese newspapers and watching famous Japanese anime and movies to improve my Japanese, even if the pace might be slow. I also attend a Japanese class once a week. I will continue to prioritize our customer’s requests above all else and engage in developing stable products that can be used with peace of mind while reducing costs.


Why I work in Kobe

My older brother who was working in Japan gave me the opportunity

My older brother’s words gave me the opportunity to come to Japan. My brother worked as an intern trainee at a company that manufactures automobile parts in Hiroshima Prefecture. He told me that Japan was a good place and recommended me to work in Japan. His words made me decide to study for about six months at a Japanese Language Center in Vietnam while having my older brother, who had returned from Japan after finishing his internship training of three years. I was introduced to KAKO TECHNOS, where I currently work, when I consulted a temporary staffing company.
After working there for about a year and a half, I decided to change my job as I wanted to improve my skills and utilize what I learned at Hanoi University of Science & Technology. I was introduced to KAKO TECHNOS where I currently work when I consulted a temporary staffing company. I had a great impression of our company when I attended the interview. I felt that I could utilize the skills of mechanical design I had learned at my university. I now feel that people have high expectations that I will soon be able to be work as a reliable staff. Although I still need my senior employees' support, I will do my best to meet their expectations.


Life in Kobe

Kobe is a city where even non-Japanese citizens can comfortably raise children

I believe that Kobe is a city that is very comfortable to live in, as there are many options for jobs, places where you can rejuvenate, and still maintaining cheap prices for things. I have been helped a lot since everyone is very thoughtful and kind. I am married to a Vietnamese just like me and have children. At first, I had trouble figuring out how to find a daycare and go through the admission process. During that time, the people around me kindly supported me. I received so much help from them. I want to continue giving my best so that my husband and I, as a married couple, can raise our children well. There is one thing that I found difficult when I lived in Kobe. It is the fact that many people speak dialects. They use different words that are different from the Japanese I have studied before. I passed JLPT N2 in 2017 and have continued to study Japanese. Regardless of this fact, I have noticed that when people start speaking the Kansai dialect, they start using words I do not understand. However, it’s still not a big problem since you will naturally learn the words and manage to get through if you actively communicate with them.



Please try learning the Kansai dialect if you are going to work in Kobe

I recommend you to focus on studying Japanese if you want to work in Japan in the future. Studying the Kansai dialect will make your work and life more fulfilling if you are going to work in Kobe. You may be surprised or confused when you hear the Kansai dialect for the first time. I also experienced the same thing. There were times when we could not communicate, even though I was using the Japanese I had acquired through my studies. Even if this happens, try to actively communicate with people around you and befriend different people. This will help you blend in with the environment faster and enjoy your daily life. I really enjoy working and living in a different country and place where I was born and raised. I believe that Kobe is a very comfortable city to live in, as there are many options for jobs, places where you can rejuvenate, while still maintaining low prices for things. There is no doubt that there will be times when you do not know what to do or feel lonely. However, I want you to do your best, choosing to have a smile on your face. The people in the city of Kobe are accustomed to non-Japanese citizens and will kindly offer their support.


From the company

I believe that employing foreign talent will lead to solving the problem of employee retention

The reason why we decided to hire a foreign talent was an introduction from a temporary staffing agency. It was our first time hiring foreign talent. I was not sure what to do. However, when I listened to the details about the hiring, I found out that he was a person who had gone through hardships and made a lot of effort to come to this place. This is why I decided to hire him. That was Mr. Quang. This took place in September 2015. As he was a distinguished student who graduated from Hanoi University of Science & Technology, I decided to first have him learn structure and manufacturing processing and operational product processes, such as welding and processing, and then have him play an active role in the design. With the employment of Mr. Quang, we started accepting technical intern trainees. We today hire talent not only from Vietnam but also from China and South Korea. Our company has become an international company. Although there used to be a problem retaining employees, I see that many foreign talents are willing to try and advance in their work, just like Mr. Quang. I can see that they are more likely to stay with us for a long time. This is a great advantage of hiring non-Japanese citizens for our company. I hope that non-Japanese citizens coming to Kobe will learn Japanese, especially the dialects, and play an active role here.
(Director Assistant of the Business Department Makoto Hirai)