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Job Description

My motto is to make everyone smile and work comfortably.

I am in charge of the cleaning management of the hotel. I am mainly managing about 50 technical interns from various countries, including one from Mongolia, the same country as my home country. I always pay attention to the facial expressions of the technical interns that I work together. If I feel that they are not feeling well today, I will always talk to them and ask them to smile once. My motto is to work together with a smile and a comfortable working environment.
I sometimes receive consultations from technical intern trainees. I give advice from the same position as a foreigner, so I think it's easy for the technical interns to get the message and feel comfortable relying on me. I believe that communication is crucial between people. I try to communicate with various people in a way that suits them.
Since I have been working with this company since I was studying abroad, the employees understand me very well and are very kind. I am not good at the Japanese way of speaking in a roundabout way, and I usually talk straightforwardly, but everyone is receptive to my opinions. I believe that I can work for a long time in this company as it accepts me as I am.


Why I work in Kobe

The Japanese working style is my ideal working style.

After graduating from my university in my home country, I also studied at a Japanese language school in Kobe in 2003 because my cousin had studied at Kobe University. As for Japan, watching Japanese TV dramas in my home country, I had an image of Japanese city as being clean and peaceful. From listening to my cousin's stories about life in Kobe, I could see that Japan is a peaceful country, and I believe that my parents approved of my decision to study in Japan because it is a safe country.
Although I could not speak Japanese when I entered the Japanese language school, I was not worried. After graduating from Kobe University, I went on to study Japanese language education at a vocational school and Konan University. I worked part-time in Kobe for about eight years while studying, but once I returned to my home country, I worked in the medical field for about three years. While working in my home country, I felt that the Japanese lifestyle and the hardworking Japanese way of working that I had lived for a long time suited me, and I decided to return to Kobe. I have been working as a full-time employee of Kowa Kanzai since 2015, after working part-time at Kowa Kanzai all through my study abroad period.


Life in Kobe

I can't imagine living anywhere else but Kobe. It's such a great place to live.

Kobe is a very easy-to-live town for foreigners, as it has mountains on the north side and the sea on the south side, making it easy to understand the direction. The mountains and the sea are nearby, so I often go out to change my mood on holidays. I feel that the tourist areas of Kyoto and Osaka are very busy and crowded, but I think that the people of Kobe are calm, elegant, and kind. I came from Mongolia, where there are wide grasslands, so I'm not good at living in a place with lots of people, but Kobe is a town where people gather in a moderate way, so I feel very comfortable living here. Moreover, winters in Mongolia can get so cold that the soil freezes, but Kobe has a mild climate, so I find it easy to live here even in the coldest winters. Many foreigners are living in Kobe so you can make friends with people from many different countries. You can learn a lot by meeting different people.



For foreigners, Kobe is a good place to start in Japan!

When I first came to Japan, I could not speak Japanese, but I learned it in three months by listening to Japanese radio and hearing conversations between Japanese people on the train on my way to school while studying at a Japanese language school. If you study Japanese, you will be able to speak it.
Kobe is a beautiful city with many kind people. I think it is a very comfortable place for foreigners to live. I recommend "Kobe" as the first time for foreigners to visit Japan.


From the company

Foreign nationals can broaden a company's perspective and It is also a good opportunity for business development.

Ms. Boina is the first foreigner we have hired, but we did not hire her under the foreigner quota; she happens to be a foreigner. We recognize that she is no different from a Japanese.
I have known Ms. Boina for a long time since she was an international student, and I trust her very much.
When I ask her to be my interpreter on a business trip overseas, I also feel confident that she will be able to interpret what I have to say.
She has a generosity and positive attitude that Japanese people do not have. When employees are struggling, she helps to change the atmosphere to a positive one and has a very positive influence on the people around her, motivating them.
By hiring foreign nationals, we believe that we will be able to broaden our horizons as a company and expand our business to be competitive with other companies.
Whether you are Japanese or a foreigner, the difficulties may outweigh the benefits in you job. But I hope you can keep a positive attitude like Boina.

(Executive Officer Osamu Sugimasa)